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Human-Centered Computing
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Human-Centered Computing (HCC) is a 4-year degree program that combines principles from computing, design, and psychology to advance the ways people and communities interact with modern technology. The human-computer relationship is constantly evolving, and the days of the singular “do everything” device are disappearing. New innovations promise a future of multiple, interconnected technologies that respond to our needs in real time. The world needs professionals that are able to design, prototype, implement and evaluate interactive computing systems; those skills make up the core of the HCC degree.

HCC is about leveraging technology, exploring and adapting how people access and interact with it. Finding ways to integrate technology with our everyday lives—regardless of our physical capabilities, age, or location—is a key component of the program. HCC professionals are changing the world every day: Whether it’s developing ways for computers to reproduce realistic animations of American Sign Language, designing the successor to Fitbit, or building the next generation of speech recognition software. HCC students are the driving force at the center of the global accessibility effort, both as students and as professionals.

Human-Centered Computing is a large and dynamic professional field, and the curriculum is designed to reflect that diversity. The degree features 6 areas of concentration, allowing students to immerse themselves in the 2 areas that they find most interesting. With an HCC degree, your passions become your career.

For information about our 2 other undergraduate degree programs, visit their websites (Web & Mobile Computing or Computing & Information Technologies), or check out our departmental site Information Sciences & Technologies.

The student was able to quickly come up to speed on the technologies that we use in our product platform… He has been given the same level of responsibility as the full time employees and has handled it without problem.

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